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Prepare your Documents for Upload

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We offer an easy and secure way to upload your digitized documents directly from your
computer. To protect your privacy, the upload takes place via secure connection and
your documents are stored on a secure device in our office, accessible only to our staff.

Please follow these steps to prepare your documents for upload:

1. Scan or photograph documents that are not yet digitized. Make sure that all
   the needed documents are accessible from your computer. The file format must
   be GIF, JPEG, JPG, PDF or ZIP
, and no file can be larger than 50 Mb.
   Click here to see tips for photographing documents with a smartphone.

2. To help us process your documents, change the name of each document to indicate
   its content. For example, replace "P1120596.JPG" with "Feb-2019-PayStub.jpg".
   No need to include your name in the document's name (we append it automatically).

3. Make sure that your documents' file names contain only plain English letters, digits,
   hyphens and underscores
(e.g., characters such as ?, &, or are not acceptable).
   Also, the length of file names (with the extension) can be no longer than 80 characters.

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