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Tips: how to photograph documents with your smartphone camera

If you don't have a scanner or a fancy camera, here is how you can get good image quality with your smartphone:

  1. Download a scanner mobile app (optional).
    Consider installing a "scanner" mobile app such as CamScanner or ScannerPro. It can help you take better images (as well as convert your images to PDF format).

  2. Chose an evenly lit area.
    Even ambient lighting will prevent shadows and improve image clarity and sharpness.

  3. Turn the flash off.
    A flash can cause glare that affects the legibility of your image.

  4. Use a dark background.
    Place your document on a dark background surface, such as a wood table, to provide better contrast.

  5. Make sure the document lies flat.
    Folds or uneven sections may reduce the image quality.

  6. Place the phone directly above the document.
    And make sure that the phone doesn't cast a partial shadow on the document.

  7. Center and align your document in the viewfinder.
    If the corners or edges of your document are cut off your image may not be accepted. Also, please help us save time by keeping your photos facing upward.

  8. Take multiple photos and review.
    Blurred, out-of-focus or illegible documents may not be accepted. When in doubt, take multiple photos, review them on your computer and pick the best ones to submit.

  9. Rename the image files with descriptive names.
    Names which indicate the content of each file will reduce the chance of making mistakes during uploading.